Get The Power of NAIVETE'

In The Power of Naiveté, Shawn Thomas, a lifestyle entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, and angel investor, candidly shares his personal rise-to-success story complete with derivative life lessons and extended application.


Why is this e-Book good for me?

Some people know how to harness the passion they have for today while simultaneously shaping the promise of tomorrow. Embracing the naiveté that stems from the unknown, they pursue the endless possibilities that live within. They leverage the power of naiveté and coerce it to work in their favor.

Throughout the text, Shawn not only encourages this new perspective on naiveté, but impassions and engages the entrepreneurial spirit leaving the reader asking questions like, “What do I truly want of this life I’m living?” or “What’s stopping me from pursuing all that I can be?”

The Power of Naiveté will not only entertain you, but challenge you to tap into your potential. It will guide you in embracing your naiveté, as you recognize and forge your own unique path to personal success and fulfillment.

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